Data Center

CSI Piemonte can offer 2 modern data centers: the main one in Turin and the secondary one in Vercelli, at 90km of distance, to ensure business continuity and data recovery. Turin data center is located within CSI premises of Corso Unione Sovietica 216.

Since 1978, when it was opened, it has been hosting increasingly advanced computing platforms: starting from the IBM and Hitachi big mainframes in the eighties and nineties up to the Cray super computer (1991), to the SUN E-15 and E-25 k, till the current HP BL460C and BL660C with blade technology and Intel G9 processors.

Today the data center is divided in 4 large areas within a security ring: YELLOW ROOM (high density) and BLUE ROOM (medium density) with servers, storage and tape library; ORANGE ROOM for network equipment and an enclosed space dedicated to connectivity providers (carrier room); VIOLET ROOM currently under renovation for PA infrastructure co-location.
In 2015 CSI Piemonte data centers were awarded the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification on Facility Management service security.

Turin Data Center:

  • High availability and dual path electrical configuration with disaster recovery plan
  • 2,000 application services
  • 200,000 emails/day
  • 960 DBMS instances (Oracle, PostegreSQL, SQL Server, MySql, etc.)
  • 190,000 jobsets run each month (batch installation unit)
  • Management of over 3,000 switches and routers, 200 firewalls and 550 WiFi access points
  • Cloud (vCloud, OpenStack) and co-location services