Incident Response Team

The information security of the public administration is crucial as necessary to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information assets as prerequisites for the expansion of digital services. Under this perspective, the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) of CSI Piemonte provides support to its members in the response and handling of cybersecurity incidents.

In Europe, the NIS Directive has defined guidelines to increase the level of resilience to cyber threats in the Union. The approach of this Directive is oriented to develop a common and consolidated response in the protection of Critical Infrastructures, as applicable to Essential Service Operators (ESO) and Digital Service Providers (DSP).

Subsequently, as a complement to the Directive, the Government has established a National Cybernetic Security Perimeter to ensure a high level of security of networks and IT services of public administrations and institutions, as well as national public and private operators.

In this scenario, the CSIRT of CSI Piemonte represents a leading point of reference for its customers, providing a variety of reactive, proactive and consulting services able to meet the demands of individual PA by sharing their infrastructure, models and cultural background.

Our CSIRT is a member of Trusted Introducer, the international community of Incident Response Teams and plays an essential role as a hub to the national CSIRT, with which it cooperates in the information sharing about cyber threats and incident management.

For more information: "CSIRT, what are and what do security incident response teams".

October 2020

Francesco De Luca

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