CSI implements innovative services for Public Administrations, thereby helping them to be more efficient, modern and to reduce public spending costs. With more than forty years of experience, CSI develops and manages the information systems and data in all areas of the public sector: from health care to trade & industry, from cultural heritage to administrative systems, from local services to professional training and employment.

e-Government, Open Government, Open Data

Management and evolution of Pas information systems to ensure simplification and transparency of public services for citizens and business. Support to Pas on legal framework, organisation, processes, procedures, infrastructures, communication and sharing of information
open data


Management, monitoring and evaluation of agriculture and rural development policies to support public and private actors Definition of processes and procedures, communication, infrastructures, leading to the implementation and evolution of Pas information systems


Virtual Health System, ICT solutions for the management of the regional health system, interoperability approach (through for example the Electronic Health Record) Support to Regional Health Authority and Local Health Providers to exchange and share healthcare data and information regional solutions for the informatisation of the clinical records, online services for citizens Achievement of integrated services between Hospitals and territory’s healthcare facilities Technological innovation in healthcare as essential tool to ensure the sustainability and the growth of the regional healthcare system

Territory Management

Covering the life cycle of geographic data as a whole, from survey to publication of maps, web services, geo-portals for the PA Design, development and management of geographic information systems as well as non-GIS tools to help PAs in their planning environment, cadastre, emergency, and agriculture activities Collaboration to the development of cartographic requirements and standards (INSPIRE Directive) Update and maintenance of data, cartographies and services through satellite imagery, aerial photographs and topographic techniques

Sustainable Mobility, Public Transport, Soft Modes, Road Safety

Analysis of road events for planning road network improvements, multi-modal infomobility services for the different transport needs of citizen, promotion of green mobility services
road safety

Training and Capacity Building for Public Administration Officials

Lifelong learning, e-learning, m-learning: innovative learning solutions to promote e-inclusion, active citizenship and improve professional skills of public officials, increasing their capacity to efficiently manage the Public System, in local, national and international contexts A dedicated training centre provides learning courses in compliance with quality certification ISO 9001 Sector EA 37

Labour and Vocational Training

Development and implementation of labour and professional training policies through process and procedure analysis, organizational change management, development and evolution of their information system, thus ensuring a better governance of employment services for citizens, businesses and PA itself at all levels, from local to central, and in Employment Centres

Electronic Document Management

Legal framework analysis, organizational support, development, supply and customization of solutions based on open source or commercial products for 360° coverage of document life cycle: capture, management, storage, preservation and delivery
document management

Telecommunications networks and infrastructures

Support to PA connectivity needs, LANs & WANs, through fibre optics, copper and wireless networks Network services such as internet access, VPN access, e-mail, network security, 24/7 NOC (Network Operating Centre) monitoring

Citizen Registers

Design and development of new services to simplify and streamline the relationship between citizens and PA: development and management of information systems, as well as support and specialized consultancy for municipalities on the management of demographic and electoral Inter-exchange of personal data with other local PAs, the local health system and the central administration

Tourism and Cultural Heritage

Services designed and developed to manage the whole wealth of data and information of the cultural and tourist institutions operating on the Piedmont territory, not only promoting the circulation and use of the available content, but also conveying the tourist and cultural image of the Piedmont territory in compliance with regional policies and adjusting the level of the offer to the expectations of a constantly evolving sector

Environment and Energy

Promotion of quality and effectiveness in PA activities in the environmental sector, through the extension of ICT services for enterprises, professionals and citizens.
Collaboration with the PA on the implementation of energy saving policies and the use of renewable sources.
Promotion of a production system aimed at supporting environmental sustainability and green economy

Finance, Taxes and Anti-fraud

Evolution of the PA information systems through a constant analysis of the national and EU regulation framework to identify the development trajectories of the different information systems and the shared elaboration of action plans with strategic and operative objectives Support to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the government

Human Resources

Organizational analysis and re-engineering of PAs human resource management processes in connection with the HRM service start-up Management of all events in the professional life of civil servants (recruitment, job and grade assignment, allocation, mobility, career progression), management of the payroll process and staffing plan All processes are supported by a decision oriented database maintained with historical information, to offer complex reporting, business intelligence analysis and decision support systems