We manage large amounts of data, for which we must guarantee privacy, according to the indications of EU Regulations

We have an internal DPO, and have developed technical models and organizational and legal measures to protect the data of citizens and administrations

We help our customers to always be in compliance with the latest regulations

Our job

valutazione analisi
Evaluations and analysis

We offer a risk assessment system and clearly define specific responsibilities

Focus on privacy

We support the principle of privacy by design and by default

piattaforma gdpr
GDPR platform

We adopt an accountability platform for our activities

training days since 2017
authorized professionals
events organized for institutions and companies since 2016

Privacy and GDPR

We’re always updated, to offer our customers the security of always being in order




Twinning Project “Institution-building for alignment with EU acquis on the protection of personal data” launched by the EU and the Information and Data Protection Commissioner of Albania.

Eccellenze e Temi strategici
International activities
Privacy and GDPR

CSI hosts in its data centre the visa applications and the data of the appointment system of the Visa Application Centre of Italian Embassy in Singapore, ensuring GDPR compliance.

Eccellenze e Temi strategici
International activities
Data center and infrastructure
Privacy and GDPR